The Big Eclipse at Cathedral School!

The Big Eclipse at Cathedral School!

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Elaine Cuyler, publisher of The Big Eclipse, and Nancy Coffelt, the book’s author and illustrator, met with kids at Cathedral School in Portland, Oregon, on June 9.

We had such a great time teaching how eclipses work, why this one will be SO cool, and how to keep your eyes safe during the partial phases. Nancy got a bit carried away drawing critters that might cause an eclipse if you were writing your own eclipse myth. She drew everything from a hamster that hid the sun in a cheek pocket to a a polar bear that gulped down the sun until it got uncomfortably hot!

Nancy draws a hamster with the sun tucked into its cheek pocket, a very silly eclipse myth suggested by a student at Cathedral School.


Nancy’s interpretation of a polar bear that has swallowed the sun, another very silly eclipse myth created by the children of Cathedral School.

A big thank you to Cathedral School’s science teacher, Mrs. Rae, for bringing us to Cathedral!

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