The Activity Book

The Big Eclipse is a captivating, astronomically accurate, fun-filled adventure of what to exactly expect and how to safely see and enjoy all the phenomena that surround this upcoming total solar eclipse. It educates and engages children (and adults) flawlessly with the levity necessary to get the most out of nature’s most awesome spectacle.

– Mike Kentrianakis
Solar Eclipse Project Manager
American Astronomical Society

The Big Eclipse Activity Book will jump start your child’s learning about space science and help them prepare for the 2017 total solar eclipse. Its 24 pages are filled with coloring and drawing activities, word puzzles, and craft projects, featuring Nancy Coffelt’s whimsical animal characters.

With ideas from the activity book (and some adult supervision), kids can create an eclipse puppet show or plan an eclipse day viewing party for their friends. The activity book educates about eye safety during the eclipse and offers instructions to make up to 5 different kinds of safe solar viewers, from the most simple to a make-ahead masterpiece that will cover a child’s head and can be decorate however they wish (eclipse-chasing dragon, anyone?). There’s a page for taking notes while observing animals (and people) during the eclipse, word puzzles, silly eclipse jokes… and more.

For use in school science or art classes, for summer camps and clubs, for family craft projects, and for kids who like to read and do crafts on their own.

The Big Eclipse Activity book was written and designed to educate children across a wide range of ages.

Younger children will find something to color on every page and there are many craft activities for them to do with adults, such as making simple solar viewers or an eclipse puppet show.

Older children will learn on their own as they write out their own eclipse myths, solve eclipse puzzles and try some of the more complex eclipse crafts. They can plan ahead to record their observations on what animal do during an eclipse, or take the lead in planning for an eclipse viewing party for their friends and family, all based on suggestions in The Big Eclipse Activity Book.