NASA’s New Web Site: One-stop Eclipse Shopping!

NASA’s New Web Site: One-stop Eclipse Shopping!

On August 29, 2016, Posted by , In Education, With No Comments

Just in time for the new school year, the sun scientists at NASA/Goddard have launched a fact-filled web site about the 2017 total solar eclipse. There’s just about everything you need to know – why eclipses are important for science, how to watch the eclipse safely (whether or not you’re in the path of totality), and even how to host an eclipse party.

NASA will provide a live streamed eclipse event – the Eclipse MegaCast – so we can see the coronal mass ejections and solar flares as they happen, and the Moon’s disk obscuring the Sun, up close. Now we need to figure out how to be outside watching the eclipse happen from the top of an Oregon mountain… and how to watch it on television at the same time!



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