Eclipse glasses arrive!

Eclipse glasses arrive!

12,000 solar eclipse glasses … we were trying to imagine what that would look like and kept thinking of one thousand cartons of eggs! Turns out, it’s six very large boxes.

Time to get these out across the country. Schools, libraries, 4-H and Camp Fire camps, rodeos, museums, backyard eclipse parties … here come your glasses!

Six large boxes of Big Eclipse solar eclipse glasses arrive at the offices of Orbit Oregon, destined for Oregon, Kentucky, South Carolina, Illinois, Missouri and many more states!

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  1. Denise Russell says:

    Hello Elaine,

    This is Denise, the lady you shared a glass of wine with on the plane. I am ordering 10 eclipse glasses and I could not find a selection bar to pick out the glasses I want. I would like to have 5 owl glasses and 5 flamingos glasses. I am looking forward to the books….

    It was great meeting you. Next time you are over this way call me and maybe we could go wine tasting? I can be reached at 503-781-4611.

    Best regards,


    • admin says:

      Hi Denise, I just saw your comment… ! I hope that I sent glasses in a combination that you like. If you need more owls or flamingos, let me know and I’ll pop in the mail. Would love to go wine tasting together. Maybe after the eclipse! I’ll hang onto your phone number. Meanwhile, here’s mine: 503-314-1819 tel. Have a great Tuesday. 🙂 Elaine PS Seriously, if you want more glasses in either color, let me know and I’ll mail today.

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