Eclipse crafts for students

Eclipse crafts for students

The Big Eclipse Activity Book is chock-full of eclipse crafts to help schools and libraries prepare students for the 2017 total solar eclipse. Here’s a sample:

Pinhole Solar Eclipse Viewer

These simple solar viewers are handy when more than one person wants to see the eclipse as it happens. They are easy to make and can be recycled.


  • 2 white paper plates (2 stiff pieces of paper may also be used – make sure one is a light color.)
  • 1 pushpin
  • Crayons, colored pencils or felt pens
  • 1 solar eclipse

Have an adult make a hole in the center of one of the paper plates with a pushpin. Wiggle the pin around a bit so the hole is perfectly round. Now, take the pin and put it away! Why? Pins are potential choking hazards around children, and even for teens and adults who might put them in their mouths.

Decorate the top paper plate (the one with the hole) with design of your choice. The lower plate needs to stay white so the sun’s image can easily be seen.

How to use your solar eclipse viewer on eclipse day. Take the two plates outside and stand with your back facing the sun. Hold the plate with the hole in it about shoulder level. Position the second plate below so that it catches the image of the sun streaming through the hole. You’ll see a reversed image of the eclipsed sun projected on to the plate.

Check out the photos and you’ll see how to hold the cards or paper plates… and some fun designs, from squiggly suns to a beautiful flower to a piece of sushi eclipsing the sun!


The Big Eclipse Author Nancy Coffelt shows how to use a pinhole projector.


Drawing a sun on the top part of the pinhole projector (the part with the hole).


Decorating a pinhole projector is something children of all ages enjoy.


Sushi eclipse of the sun!


Paper plates are perfect for making solar eclipse pinhole projectors – they are fun to draw on!


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