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Girl Scout Cookie Eclipse!

We ate way too many cookies around here recently and created a Girl Scout Cookie Total Eclipse! Check out how a Tagalong entirely covers a Trefoil, imitating what we’ll see in the sky on August 21. First contact, partial phase and totality. Best of all, 100% delicious.

Eclipse joke of the day!

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How does the moon cut the sun’s hair? Eclipse it! Or, you can go to the E-Clips Hair Studio in Seattle, Washington, on Eastlake Avenue. After all, you’ll need to look good in the shadow of the moon!  

Eclipse Cookies: A Galaxy of Deliciousness!

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We’ve been experimenting in The Big Eclipse kitchen and have successfully created a recipe for Earth, Moon and Sun cookies that look as good as they taste! You, too, can make multiple eclipses, watch your friends orbit around them and then eat them up! Eclipse cookie recipe can be found…

An interview with Nancy Coffelt, author and illustrator of The Big Eclipse

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Nancy Coffelt talks about her art, her favorite books, smiley dogs, the first eclipse she ever saw, and the neatest space thing she’s ever done. What was the first thing you ever drew and how old were you? I drew a stick person when I was three years old. What…