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Dad, May we go to the eclipse?

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At the science fair the other day, one of the students made a postcard asking her parents to take the family to the eclipse. Dad’s answer? “Yes, of course!”

Postcards from Totality!

Today at the Ainsworth Elementary School Science Fair, The Big Eclipse made eclipse postcard crafts with students. This is a fun craft for 1st – 6th grades. We recommend making a sample postcard first to show children, so they can see what the back of a postcard looks like. You…

Support the arts! What we can do.

At Orbit Oregon, we shop at the Blick store in the Portland, Oregon’s Pearl District for pastel crayons, construction paper, fine art papers, felt pens, and just about any other type of art materials you can imagine. After all, you can create eclipse art from just about anything! As a…

Girl Scout Cookie Eclipse!

We ate way too many cookies around here recently and created a Girl Scout Cookie Total Eclipse! Check out how a Tagalong entirely covers a Trefoil, imitating what we’ll see in the sky on August 21. First contact, partial phase and totality. Best of all, 100% delicious.

Eclipse crafts for students

The Big Eclipse Activity Book is chock-full of eclipse crafts to help schools and libraries prepare students for the 2017 total solar eclipse. Here’s a sample: Pinhole Solar Eclipse Viewer These simple solar viewers are handy when more than one person wants to see the eclipse as it happens. They…

STEAM learning through the 2017 eclipse!

In early December, 2016, Orbit Oregon Chief Eclipse Officer Elaine Cuyler presented a poster at the Astronomical Society of the Pacific’s Annual Meeting, held in St. Louis. Here’s a peek at the poster, which is all about how the eclipse can inspire children to learn about science through the arts….

More eclipse teaching resources

Looking for resources to teach about the 2017 eclipse? Based in San Francisco, The Astronomical Society of the Pacific is a more than 100-year old nonprofit that partners with NASA, the American Astronomical Society, the National Science Foundation and others, to advance science literacy through astronomy.  The Society’s web site features an…