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Students Bake Eclipse Cookies

On March 24, students in Lincoln High School’s culinary arts program made sugar cookies and half-moon cookies that represented the upcoming total solar eclipse. Anticipation was high as the kids rolled out dough, cut out shapes with cookie cookies, baked the cookies, and then decorated them. Like every total eclipse…

How to check if you’re in the path of totality!

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Many of us have not experienced a solar eclipse before; very few of us have experienced a total solar eclipse! So, how to find out if your home or school is in the darkest part of the moon’s shadow – or the “path of totality” – for the 2017 total solar…

A Big Eclipse, A Big Parade Float!

The Big Eclipse is five months from today: August 21, 2017! To celebrate, we would like to let you all know that there will be a Big Eclipse float in Portland’s Rose Festival Parades! Sneak peek attached!

Support the arts! What we can do.

At Orbit Oregon, we shop at the Blick store in the Portland, Oregon’s Pearl District for pastel crayons, construction paper, fine art papers, felt pens, and just about any other type of art materials you can imagine. After all, you can create eclipse art from just about anything! As a…

Girl Scout Cookie Eclipse!

We ate way too many cookies around here recently and created a Girl Scout Cookie Total Eclipse! Check out how a Tagalong entirely covers a Trefoil, imitating what we’ll see in the sky on August 21. First contact, partial phase and totality. Best of all, 100% delicious.