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Eclipse Cookies: A Galaxy of Deliciousness!

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We’ve been experimenting in The Big Eclipse kitchen and have successfully created a recipe for Earth, Moon and Sun cookies that look as good as they taste! You, too, can make multiple eclipses, watch your friends orbit around them and then eat them up! Eclipse cookie recipe can be found…

NASA’s New Web Site: One-stop Eclipse Shopping!

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Just in time for the new school year, the sun scientists at NASA/Goddard have launched a fact-filled web site about the 2017 total solar eclipse. There’s just about everything you need to know – why eclipses are important for science, how to watch the eclipse safely (whether or not you’re…

An interview with Nancy Coffelt, author and illustrator of The Big Eclipse

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Nancy Coffelt talks about her art, her favorite books, smiley dogs, the first eclipse she ever saw, and the neatest space thing she’s ever done. What was the first thing you ever drew and how old were you? I drew a stick person when I was three years old. What…

Let’s learn about the 2017 eclipse

Want to learn more about the 2017 total solar eclipse? Here are some links we like! NASA has some wonderful resources: NASA Total Eclipse 2017 Eclipse images from NASA NASA’s Scientific Visualization Studio Goddard Space Fight Center More data and images from NASA There are several sites created by eclipse…

The Big Eclipse at Green Bean Books

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Author Nancy Coffelt visited Green Bean Books on Alberta Street in Portland, for story time and eclipse crafts on August 16. Totality – when the Moon completely blocks the light of the sun! After story time, Nancy demonstrated how to make a solar viewer out of two pieces of paper….

The Big Eclipse at Hillsdale Library

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On Tuesday, August 16, author Nancy Coffelt came to Portland and read The Big Eclipse to kids at Multnomah County Library’s Hillsdale branch. We learned how to make a pinhole projector for safe eclipse viewing with two paper plates. Kids decorated their projectors with designs – here’s a very pretty…

One year from today… The Big Eclipse!

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One year from today will be The Big Eclipse over the United States! Where will you be?